Who are we?

In every community there are boys and girls left alone after school to find their own recreation and companionship. Without adult supervisor some of these young people may become involved with the wrong groups of kids and find themselves getting into serious trouble.

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About the Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey

Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey serve 85,000 children ages 6-18.  There are 23 Club organizations in 65 communities who work daily to assist youth from all backgrounds achieve their full potential as productive adults and responsible citizens. Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey are part of a national network of local Clubs and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County was established in 2007 to expand services and garnish support from the entire County to serve the most at risk youth in these target communities.

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Ways to Help

Whether you would like to donate money or items that would benefit the child’s, there is a way for you to help.

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Become a part of our family. Together, we
can save many lives and stop this hunger.

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